ICOtec GEN2 GC350 Review: Programmable & Affordable 2022

It’s possible that you’ve heard of the Icotec GC350 model. It’s been used to hunt coyotes, deer, bobcats, and many other things, just to name a few. However, you may not have known that in late 2018, ICOtec came out with the new GEN2 GC350 programmable caller.

New design: ICOtec have added a lot of things that the old GC350 didn’t have. This is part of the new design. From the feedback and reviews people were giving, it was clear that people wanted more. ICOtec has delivered with their GEN2 series.

In this version, everything has been changed from the ground up. This is the new GEN2 GC350. You will think you are using a completely different electronic caller because of how much better it is than the first one.

When you take the caller out of its box, you can’t help but be impressed by its sleek new look. Once you try it out, you won’t be disappointed in the least with how well it works.

A look at the GEN2 GC350.

To start with, it’s small and light. At just 1.9 pounds and with dimensions of 8 x 4 x 6 inches, it’s easy to carry. However, even though it doesn’t have its own custom case, this small unit can be thrown into your hunting pack and you won’t even notice the extra weight.

Simple design features like a curved handle with a knob on the end also make it easier to carry and hang on a branch if you want to get it off the ground and hide it in the shrubbery.

However, even though the GC350 has enough volume for most situations, if you want to get the caller up higher for better sound projection, it also comes with a tripod mount, which is very useful.

It has more calls than you could make yourself using traditional methods. Even experienced hunters will find the GC350 caller to be a great addition to their toolbox, and it will make their hunt more fun and exciting.

Does The GC350 Speaker Provide Enough Sound?

A lot of people have had different experiences with the speaker, like how loud it is and how good the sound is. A lot of people didn’t like it because it wasn’t loud enough, it was hard to hear, or the sounds changed when you turned the volume up.

For most hunting, though, the GC350’s 15 watt speaker is all you need.

Hunting is a lot of work, but that doesn’t mean that a lot of things are better. The GC350 can call many times louder than the natural sound in the wild, so if you make your calls too loud, they won’t sound natural or realistic to the animals you are hunting, so they won’t be able to hear you.

The hunt could go awry if you don’t pay attention when calling with an electronic caller if you aren’t very skilled. Keep your coyote safe by telling it there is a rabbit that’s about 10 feet tall waiting for it.

Even though it might be hard for you to hear on windy days or in areas with a lot of hills, that’s not a bad thing. As your game comes in, you may want to turn down the sound on the remote to make it easier to hear the caller. The more they get closer to the perfect shot, the more curious and curious they will be about it.

To get more sound, you can connect another speaker to the auxiliary port on the GC350.

Level Up With The Attachable AD400 Decoy

If you want to attract more prey, the CG350 can also be used with the AD400 decoy. Even though it doesn’t come with a decoy like the GC320 call/decoy combo, you can buy this separately and your GC350 caller and remote will work perfectly with it.

This e-caller is very good at what it does, and with its loud and clear sound, it usually brings in what you’re looking for in just a few minutes. Nonetheless, with the help of a decoy, your prey will come running as they get closer to the decoy.

In this case, GC350 Remote Technology and Capability.

The most important thing about the GC350 remote is that it has a range of 300 yards and doesn’t need to be in line of sight to work. Having this ability in case you need to make a stand that’s a little farther away is a good thing.

The remote for the GC350 has 12 buttons that can be used to make 24 calls. They can be set up in either A or B mode to get the most calls. GEN2 model has a Pause button, so you can stop a call and start it right where you left off.

ICOtec GEN2 GC350 Remote

The GC350, on the other hand, can’t play two calls at the same time. This isn’t the case with some of the more expensive programmable callers. As for the AD400 decoy, it does have an auxiliary button that makes it easy to control the decoy while you’re on the stand, which is great if you use one.

Also, for people who hunt at night, the ON/OFF backlit button makes it easier to see what you’re doing and not have to remember where each button is.

The remote doesn’t show you the details of the call you’re playing, because this is a feature that you don’t get for this price range. If this is something you really want, you should think about moving up to the GC500. If you don’t need this, cheat sheet cards let you know what each programmed call is for each number.

Perhaps the only thing that we haven’t liked about the GC350 is that the remote isn’t very good. You do have to be a little more careful when you use it, because the buttons can be very sensitive to touch and can be pressed even with a small bump. This could cause unwanted sounds to play that could ruin your hunt.

If you have a remote, you may find that it is easy to slide up and down. On your first few hunts, be careful and check the remote to make sure it hasn’t been accidentally turned on while in your pocket. Even though it’s always good to have extra batteries, you don’t want them to run out unnecessarily if you have this problem.

Batteries are needed for the GC350.

The ICOtec GEN2 GC350 needs 4 AA batteries to run the main unit. These are not included.

For the remote, it has a 12-volt A23 battery that comes with it. There are a lot of A23 batteries, and they’re used in things like garage door openers. If you haven’t heard of them before, they’re very common.

Energizer Zero Mercury Alkaline A23 Batteries

If you buy the AD400 decoy, it also needs 4 AA batteries, so you’ll need to make sure you have a few on hand.

It doesn’t matter how long the batteries last because they can be recharged. You may want to get a few sets of rechargeable batteries if you do a lot of hunting.

Great Strength for the Price

In the same way that you’d expect from any ICOtec model, the GC350 is a durable and tough device that can withstand almost any situation you throw at it.

Even though it isn’t “waterproof,” you can expect it to hold up well in the rain. If you drop it in a bucket or a river, it won’t be able to live. But a light rain or snow won’t hurt it.

If you hunt a lot in bad weather and aren’t sure how long the rubber seals will last, you can tape them up to make sure there are no problems. Remember to let your caller dry out after you use it in wet conditions so the parts inside don’t get rusty.

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You may want to buy a waterproof case to protect your e-caller while you move between stands.

If you want to be extra sure that your GC350 caller will work well even if something goes wrong, ICOtex also comes with a one-year factory warranty on their products, and the reviews about their customer service are good.

On the GC350, how do I add programming calls?

There is a big difference between the two callers. The main one is that you can make the GC350’s caller work the way you want it to. Predator caller: This is a great programmable caller option that costs less than other callers of the same type on the market. If you haven’t used a programmable caller before, you’ll be surprised by how easy it is to start making your own personalized call lists.

The GC350 can be used to make up to 24 calls at once, and it comes with a 512MB SD card so you can start. You can get any animal calls in a.mp3 or.wav file format and put them on your SD card.

A 512mb SD card should be enough for most hunters. If you have a 15-20 minute call sequence, it’s likely to be in the 10-15MB range.

Though each SD card can only hold 24 calls, you can buy extra SD cards to switch between different call lists for hunting situations or types of prey. This way, you won’t have to re-program the same card with the different call lists you’ve made. You can also put the calls on the SD card in any order you want, making the set up work for you.

People who want to change the sounds first should make a file with all the original sounds, or start with a new SD card so they can quickly get back to the original sounds if they need them.

There’s no need to be very tech-savvy to set up a list of calls. Even though it’s easy, it can take a long time, especially if you want to set up a lot of call lists.

Make sure that when you make a new call list, you name each file correctly so that it works. You might need to change the name of a file that is called “coyote-howl-call.mp3” to “001 coyote-howl-call.mp3. By renumbering the files this way, it will make sure that the numbers on the remote control unit match the numbers on the files.

Trying to remember all the calls you’ve put on each SD card can be hard. ICOtec has come up with a solution for that, too. There is a cheat sheet for the preloaded calls that come with the GC350. This can then be put in the plastic sleeve that comes with an elastic band that you can put around your wrist for a quick look. For the personalized call lists you make, they also give you blank cards that you can write on and change as needed.

Verdict On The ICOtec GEN2 GC350

It’s great if you want to try making your own call sequences but don’t want to spend a lot of money on a new caller. The ICOtec GC350 is just what you need. Even though it costs less than other programmable callers, the GC350 isn’t really a “entry level” predator caller. It has a lot of features that other callers don’t. All skill levels and abilities can use it. You can also set it up to call in any animal you want, not just coyotes, so it’s not just for coyotes. If you’re a hunter, don’t look back and think you should have bought the GC350 years ago.

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