FOXPRO Inferno Review: Hunt Down NOW! 2022

Are you looking for the best electronic coyote call in the $200 range that has a lot of volume, is easy to move around, and has a lot of different features?

Do you want to be able to protect your money by having a 3 year warranty? How about a wide range? You might not believe us if we told you that this baby can be heard by people up to 700 yards away.

The FOXPRO Inferno is a great value for the money because it weighs only 1.5 pounds, has a lot of power and sound quality, and has a lot of other features. It has a library of 75 different FOXPRO calls, which is more than most electronic predator calls on the market. This is more than most of them.

It can store up to 200 calls. If you want, you can set this up the way you want and add more than 100 of your favorite calls from the internet. FOXPRO has a great free sound library on this site that you can use.

The main things about the Inferno

  • The Inferno is very easy to change, and it has a USB port so you can connect it to your computer.
  • 200 sounds can be stored, and 75 high-quality FOXPRO calls are included.
  • In case you need more volume, there is an auxiliary speaker jack. Most useful in snow, which tends to make noise less clear.
  • An extra aux jack for connecting a FOXPRO decoy to.
  • There is an indicator light that lights up when there is not enough battery power in the car.
  • It has a tripod mount on it at the bottom.
  • It was made in the United States, and it comes with a three-year limited warranty.
  • A simple remote control with a big, easy-to-use screen.
  • The ability to group your sounds by call category (i.e. howls, distress calls, prey calls, etc).
  • It’s possible to make the Inferno’s user button do a different thing.
  • FOXBANG: When FOXBANG is on, the caller automatically switches to a preset function (preset 1-5, toggle mute, toggle decoy) after firing your weapon. This lets you change the sound without having to move your hands. This helps you keep your eyes on the field where it matters.

Why Buy the FOXPRO Inferno?

FEATURE-RICH: FOXPRO Inferno Digital Game Call has a lot of cool things to do
Check the list above. This e-caller has a lot of great features, and it costs $200. It has everything you could ever want. There isn’t anything better for the money.

Lightweight & Portable

With a weight of 1.5 pounds, this electronic predator call is small enough to take with you anywhere. You can even put it in the back of your truck and not even know it’s there. With so many features and so much sound, we don’t know how they fit it all into 1.5 pounds.

Rugged and durable.

It’s made of FOXPRO’s ABS Composite Material, which is very durable. ABS has been tested in the most difficult places. People in the U.S. make it as well. The warranty on the Inferno is 3 years.


You can hear it from over 600 yards away. This unit is a true predator killer.

Verdict on the FOXPRO Inferno

The FOXPRO Inferno is a true “bang for your buck” device because it has a lot of sounds, can be programmed, and is very small. To control the Inferno’s remote, you need FOXBANG technology, which is a big improvement over technology like that in the Deadbone and Turbo Dogg.

Hunters can switch between calls at any time thanks to the remote’s easy-to-use controls. This lets you keep your eyes on the field, which means you have a better chance of getting a kill.

Because of its many features, overall versatility, and new technology, the FOXPRO Inferno is a great deal. It also comes with a three-year limited warranty.

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