FOXPRO XWave Review: Hunters Choice 2022

New electronic predator calls from FOXPRO are coming out soon, and they’re ready for the next hunting season to start soon, too! People who work for them have made a new high-range programmable call that is called the XWave. It came out in September 2019, but FOXPRO didn’t start shipping the XWave to customers until … Read more

FOXPRO Patriot Review: Get it NOW!! 2022

People who want to hunt predators but need a partner who can help them outsmart them might want to look into getting an e-caller. That’s not true, though. It can’t just be any e-caller. You need one that is safe, does the job, and doesn’t cost a lot. We all know how the last point … Read more

FOXPRO CS24C Review: Buy it NOW! 2022

It’s safe to say that FOXPRO is a well-known name in the E-caller market. You can be sure that what you buy is high-quality and does the job. It’s the same with the FOXPRO CS24C e-caller, everyone who has tried it says, They are worth their weight in gold. You’ll be sure to improve your … Read more

FOXPRO Shockwave Review: The Beast Game Call 2022

This high-end digital game call from FOXPRO is made in the United States, and it’s known for being high-quality. With this caller from FOXPRO, even though it has been on the market for a few years now, they still set the bar very high. When you buy the Shockwave for less than $500, you’ll think … Read more

MFK Game Calls: FOXPRO Sound Library 2022

As for MFK,Made for Killing Game Calls, or MFK, is best known for selling high-quality diaphragm mouth calls for hunting game and predators. MFK is also known as MFK. If that wasn’t enough, they also have their own sound library with recordings of all of their most popular phone calls. However, these calls are only … Read more