Best Coon Hunting Lights (Enough Bright to Hunt down) 2022

If you want to be able to hunt at night, you need to have the best coon hunting lights. You need a good hunting light, no matter what you’re hunting.

To be a good night hunter, you need to choose the best coon lights for your needs. Any hunter who has ever asked for one more hour only to walk home in the dark is important.

What is the best Coon Hunting Light for the money, and how can I find it?

You can see our top picks for the best predator hunting lights on the market right now in the list below. People on our team have tried these night coyote hunting lights out in the field, and they all say they work 100% of the time! We’re sure you’ll be happy with the best predator hunting lights that we’ve chosen for you.

  1. Kohree 80000Lux Cree Coyote Hunting Light

The Kohree Cree 80000Lux Cree Coyote Hunting Light is a steal because it has a lot of brightness and range, not to mention a very low price. In field tests, the green light we used could be seen from about 300 meters away and it was very durable. A light that hasn’t failed us yet: We dropped it on the pavement, from a balcony 10 meters high, in the mud, and it hasn’t worked.

It can be seen from 300 meters away. The Kohree 80000Lux has power settings that range from 5 to 20 hours of battery life. This thing can also be recharged, which is a big plus. A waterproof and shock-proof night hunting light is also on the list. You can trust it in the field. This is our favorite light for hunting coons in its price range. It is also one of the best predator hunting lights you can buy with your money.

  1. Orion H30 Red or Green 273 yds Predator hunting in the dark

The Orion H30 Night Predator Hunting Light comes in both red and green. It’s a close second to the Kohree unit above. As your best coon hunting light, this one has a clear beam that can be focused up to 273 yards away, as well as different power settings (300 lumens for 4 hours, down to 6 lumens for 120 hours). You can’t go wrong with this. Orion stands behind their product, so they give the H30 a 10-year warranty. Light: This is a very durable, reliable, and hard-working light. It can take a hard hit or fall in the mud.

  1. Kill Light XLR250 Gun Mounted Green/Red Coon Hunting Light Package

The Kill Light XLR250 is one of the best coon hunting lights because it is made of aluminum that is strong enough to be used in planes. If you want to see your target from 250 yards away, this coon hunting light can do that. The prey’s eye shine can also be seen from 500 yards away.

If you want a simple light that doesn’t have any extras or gimmicks, this is the one for you! For good, long battery life, you have to wait a long time to fully charge your phone.

  1. WindFire Green LED Coyote Hog Coon Hunting Light Set

There is a lot of value in the WindFire Green LED Coon Hunting Lights Set because it costs less than $50. In our tests, it did well at about 200 yards, but the makers say it is safe at 250 yards.

On the WindFire Green LED, there are easy-to-use on/off switches, durable construction, and 350 lumens of brightness (although there is no warranty). If you’re a new hunter who wants to learn about night hunting, this is a good choice.

  1. Ulako Green LED Zoomable Coon Hunting Light

The Ulako Green Hunting Light is one of the best coon hunting lights in its price range. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles, and it doesn’t work well at 300 yards. The battery lasts for a long time and can be recharged.

There is a company called Ulako that makes the light, and they say that it works at 300 meters. In our tests, it was only reliable at about 150 meters at best. This is, however, more than enough range for many night-hunters. You can’t go wrong at this low price for the start.

Leading You to the Best Hunting Lights

It doesn’t matter what kind of animal they’re hunting, like coons or coyotes. Many hunters say that hunting at night is the most exciting of them all! Hunters who go out at night seem to have more primitive instincts than those who go out during the day. To make sure you have a good night hunt, it is very important to choose the right coon hunting lights.

You might be able to find a light that won’t let you down by reading our reviews of the best coon hunter lights. There are predator hunting lights on this list that range in price from $200 to $30. We’ve done our best to make sure there is a light for every budget.

The Best Coon Hunting Lights: Finally, my thoughts.

If you want to hunt at night for fun or to get rid of varmints and predators from your land, you need a coon hunting light. Avoid being caught in the field without one, or you might miss out on a big one!

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